CPO (Certified Pool Technician)


  • Develop and maintain a friendly relationship with members and guests.
  • Answer all questions politely.
  • Refer all problems or complaints to manager promptly.
  • Pick up debris and trash on pool deck and grounds.
  • Straighten chairs.
  • Wipe off tables and counters.
  • Vacuum Pool.
  • Clean Pool Tiles.
  • Clean Skimmers.
  • Check Pool Chemistry.
  • Adjust Pool Chemicals.
  • Refer Pool Chemistry problems to manager promptly.
  • Maintain filtration systems.
  • Maintain a valid drivers license and reliable transportation.
  • Must be able to work weekends.
Pool Specialists is a drug free and alcohol-free environment and performs random testing. By accepting this offer you consent to a background check and drug tests paid for by Pool Specialists. Employment is subject to immediate termination for any of the following reasons: arriving or working at the pool under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not requiring members to follow rules, falling asleep on stand, showing up late and/or missing a shift 3 times.